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Power & Data Management Products

System Connections offers a broad range of power products including Electrical Mains Power Cords and Power/Data Management Systems.
All assemblies built to order; please specify gender, lengths and wiring details.…

Electrical Mains Power Cords
We are able to offer a broad range of power cords to cover most applications. The range includes UK 13A, Schuko, USA, Australian, all European and International standard plugs injection moulded to IEC 320, figure of 8, CS, C19 (16Amp) sockets. Medical grades are also available.
We build and prepare mains and power cables to suit customer applications.

Electrical Mains Power Cords

Data and Power Management. We offer a comprehensive range of power and data management systems:
19" and 23" Rack mounted power management. 4-20 power outlets - vertical or horizontal mount. IEC 320 panels 10 - 20 outlets - 1u/2u or customise product.
Horizontal mount>>more
Vertical mount>>more

IEC 320 Power Management>>more

Data and Power Management, 19" and 23" Rack mounted power management
Data Outlet Desking Box offering a stylish solution to bringing data to and from the desk. >>more
Data Outlet Desking Box

Power and Data Desking Module - either under or on desk fixing providing mains power together with data outlet ports. Most combinations catered for in terms of number of outlets - custom made to requirements. >>more

KVM Crash Panel - convenient method of connecting directly into a rack mounted server with minimum of effort. >>more

System Connections has the design, development and manufacturing resources to produce custom assemblies tailored to specific applications and needs. To discuss your specific requirements email our sales and engineering department or Telephone +44 (0)1223 863377; Fax +44 (0)1223 863625.



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