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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide the highest possible service to our trading partners. : -

It is a fundamental requirement of Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd Business Risk System (Quality Manual) issue 15 that our products and processes are of a quality standard to satisfy the demands of our customers every time they do business with us.

This quality standard will be applied every day, to every product, to every process within the company, and by all personnel. In addition this Business Risk System is designed to meet and exceed the exacting requirements of ISO 9001:2008 now, and in the foreseeable future.

The Management will maintain and provide resources for an ongoing programme of continual improvement throughout the Organisation in every process within the bounds of any statutory and regulatory requirements. It will measure performance, it will set new objectives, it will introduce new training programmes and it will regularly review and follow up the status of ‘in progress’ management decisions.

It is essential that all members of staff, suppliers and interested parties are fully aware of the importance of these policies and should contribute towards them at all times.

This Policy will be reviewed periodically and amended, if necessary, for continuing suitability.

M. E. Wilson
C.E.O. Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd.

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