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Custom Products

Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd
has over 25 years experience in specifying and manufacturing interconnection products. Our in-house expertise in electromechanical technology coupled with the abilities of our worldwide supply partners puts us in an ideal position to provide custom solutions for non standard applications. Our experienced engineers work in close partnership, from original concept and specification through to prototyping and initial production runs. Use of modern tools such as CAD equipment helps provide a rapid turnaround service, often enabling us to present dynamic 3-Dimensional visualizations in a matter of days. Such techniques assist feasibility studies, speed up the approval stage and greatly shorten the project development process.This section illustrates some of our special product development capabilities. It shows a small selection of the projects that we have undertaken in recent times.We believe that we can help you obtain project cost savings, get your product to market ahead of your competitors or provide a custom solution where no standard offering is available. To find out how, please contact our engineering department to discuss your project. No matter how large or small the quantity, we will be able to help.



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